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This is Boots,

He is one of our extended stay residents, today being his 500th day at the shelter. Boots can take awhile to warm up to people but he has quickly become a favorite of our frequent volunteers. Sadly, he doesn’t like other animals so this makes it harder for him to find a home, but he is a love bug and will be the only pet you need! 😉 He is fairly young and has been in shelters for most of his life, so he will need some time and patience to learn his manners, but he’s smart and he wants to please you, so it shouldn’t take him too long to learn! Boots would also be best with older kids because he has a lot of energy. This may change once he’s in a home, but we like to stay on the safe side. Please SHARE Boots so he can find his forever family!

If you think Boots may be a match for you, please call the shelter at (724)588-6161 to ask more about him. You can fill out an application online or at the shelter.

There are so many things that make dogs less adoptable. Typically any dog that varies from the perfect “cookie cutter” pet, has a harder time being adopted. So dogs that are seniors, blind, deaf, large, timid, and so many more. All dogs deserve a second chance and shouldn’t have to be cooped up as long as some of them have been. Click on their pictures to read about each pup!

So if you have time today (or this week), come on out to visit with these pups that get less attention. Even if you aren’t looking to adopt, come on in and spend time on our island of misfits ❤️

Max is our longest resident. This month is his three-year anniversary at the shelter. He is our longest resident due to his age (about 13 now) and his temperament. As awful as that sounds, his life was worse before he came to us at the shelter. When his “family” moved they left him behind. Outside. They dropped off one bag of food, once a month. Just opened it and left him to eat it at his leisure. His water bowl was always filthy. The area around him was so overgrown that you couldn’t see where he was from the road. Due to this lifestyle that he was forced into, Max isn’t a very social dog. He will tolerate other animals, but they have to respect his boundaries. He would much rather lounge outside than be pet or cuddled inside. This being said, he doesn’t allow just anyone to pet him. He likes his personal space, and he will let you know when you’re invading it. The best way to walk him is to just walk with him, talk to him, and avoid eye contact. Many people have ignored our warnings because Max looks so cute and cuddly that ‘could never be true’! They learn pretty quick. Since Max is so old, he doesn’t have many teeth left. It’s mostly gums. So when it does let you know you’re in his space, it may leave welts, but it’s not enough to break skin. We would love to see Max be allowed an outdoor kennel (with indoor access) so he can lounge in or outdoors as he pleases.

Ruby is less adoptable because she doesn’t get along with other animals. She’s the only one you’ll need anyway! She’ll keep your hands and heart full! She’s not always the most attention-seeking dog, but the more time you spend with her, the more attention she wants from you! There’s even some times when we feed her that she’ll ignore her food bowl and look to us for attention! Despite some things she will need to work on from being an extended stay shelter pup, Ruby would be an exceptional pet.

Fabio is a Great Dane and lab mix. Due to his size, he’s a less adoptable pet. Even with his big size, he is much more calm and gentle than some of the small dogs we have! Fabio walks so well on a leash that we send him outside with volunteers of all ages! He can be a little timid of men, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with some love! Fabio was found as a stray, so we are unsure if we was ever house trained. What we do know, is that he LOVES squeaky toys!! We always try to give him a toy before he goes back into the kennel, and he’s so excited to play with it that he runs right back into his kennel without any guidance!! Fabio is incredibly loving and smart, and we’re all going to miss him once his forever people come along!

We’re not quite sure why Lady has become a “less adoptable.” Maybe it’s because she was used for breeding, so her nipples sag, even though she’s only four-five years old. Maybe it’s because she had a guarding issue in a previous home (that we’ve never seen in the shelter). Or maybe it’s just because she’s a hound. Many people pass her by because hounds are assumed to be loud. While they are, Lady is an exception. Only barking when she’s overstimulated or she wants attention. And she doesn’t even have a loud, obnoxious bark. She has the most adorable Chewbacca howl! Hopefully if you visit her she’ll do it for you! Lady is incredibly sweet and starting to become depressed from her kennel time. We can’t wait for her to be in a home!

Hazel is a special girl. She’s was thrown over our counter and left at the shelter coming close to a year ago now. She’s incredibly timid and has a hard time doing new things. Due to this, she’s a less adoptable pet. Once she knows and trusts you, she is an incredibly loving, cuddly, and smart girl! But the paths to her knowing and trusting you is a long one, that MANY people shy away from. We are almost certain she has little to no training. She is so scared of new things that we have to take her outside on a chain leash (and only select staff can do so) because if we don’t she will chew through it and run back into the shelter. It’s the place she knows best at this point in her life. We can’t wait for the day someone decides they’re ready to put in the effort it will take for her, spend all the necessary time at the shelter, and take her home.

Ariel is yet another who is less adoptable because she doesn’t get along with other animals. She is a strong girl who still has a lot of energy. She would do incredible in an active home! She tends to pull on the leash (not on purpose), so we use a harness on her that works wonders! Ariel loves just about anyone and loves to go outside. Also being a CARE graduate, she would only need brief reminders of training when going into a home. We can’t wait to see who’s lucky enough to scoop this girl up!

Blossum is less adoptable due to sensitive skin issues, and the fact that she is incredibly timid of men. She will not act aggressively toward men, but she will try to avoid or hide from them. This can easily be worked on with some time, effort and love. Blossum is incredibly smart. So much so that she’s easily trained. We’ve trained her to walk off leash and do all kinds of tricks. She would flourish in a home environment and we cannot wait until that day comes!

Adoption Fees

Fees include:
Heartworm Test
Feline Leukemia/FIV Test
Flea Treatment
Rabies Vaccine &
Routine Shots
Veterinary Exam

  Kittens under

1 year: $90

 Cats over 1 year: $60

  Senior Special (7 years & over): $30

   Extended Stay Special: $30






  Puppies & Dogs under 7 years: $200

  Senior Special (7 years & over): $100

  Extended Stay Special: $75

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